Off Gassing
Off gassing is another problem with many rebounders. I personally can't stand new car scents and going into a tire store so I definitely don't want those chemicals in my home. Some of these rebounders smell like rubber right out of the box and takes months to off gas. Some even take up to 6 months to off gas and they always have a funny smell when stored in a hot car. It is just like having a new car, that smell lingers for a long time.

Things to look for or at least having most of these for the least off gassing.

Avoid nylon threading unless off gassed - If your rebounder doesn't have polyester threading, nylon threading has a smell to it that many people are sensitive to. Very used rebounders with nylon threading should be fine

Avoid vinyl covers that go over the springs if you are sensitive to that formaldehyde smelling new car scent. I only use covers made of naugahyde. Some rebounders have polyester threading but still have this vinyl cover. If it is a standard size rebounder, the cover may be able to be exchanged with a naugahyde cover from another company. If you want this, let me know which rebounder you have and I can see if it will fit.

Avoid rubber feet. This is the biggest chemical smell of all but its a good thing since these can easily be pulled off and replaced by polymer feet. I can get polymer feet for anyone that has a standard size leg. Let me know which rebounder you have and I will let you know if they fit.
I will leave the each rebounder in the hot sun and see which one smell. I will also take a hair dryer and see if any part of the rebounder off gases. I will see if Polymer feet off gasses like rubber. I will see if a naugahyde cover off gasses like vinyl. I will see if polyester threading off gasses like nylon threading.
Polyester threading - water resistant - does not off gas like nylon
Nylon threading - moderate offgassing on most mats
naugahyde cover - I can get naugahyde covers for 45 dollars each
vinyl cover - may have mild
rubber foot - Rubber feet cost 50 cents to a dollar each - heavy off gassing
Polymer foot - 
These are 4 dollars each and can be replaced from the rubber feet on same size rebounders.
I urge people who have a chemical sensitive or who are trying to detox themselves of chemicals in their body to check to make sure the rebounder being used has minimal or no off gassing.
If you have a chemical sensitivity or prefer a rebounder with no off gassing or emissions let me know on my Rebounder Quiz. I have access to many used rebounders that have off gassed as well as new rebounders that do not have off gassing at all. These rebounders are the most expensive as they don't have any rubber, vinyl, or nylon. I have demo models as I am always letting local people try them before they buy.
Let me know on my contact form if you want to be put on the list for one of these.

Take the Rebounder Quiz and get a rebounder based on your answers
The Polymer foot on the left can be put on the Needak and Reboundair rebounders. The Lymphaciser legs are too small so they won't fit. The Polymer feet has a hole in the middle while the rubber type (in the picture) does not. So, if you get a rebounder and it smells like a tire, you can get polymer feet instead.

Good news. The vinyl cover on the Rebound air can be taken off and replaced with the Naugahyde cover shown in the left picture. Naugahyde has no VOCs or any chemical off-gassing. A Naugahyde cover costs $30 plus 10 shipping to most states. Changing the rubber feet and vinyl mat should eliminate most off gassing. The mat fits perfectly on all legs. See picture on the right.

The bottom cover is Naugahyde. It is the same material that professional boxing gloves are made of. It is much thicker than the vinyl covers. 


Guide to choosing Lymphatic Rebounders

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