Rebounder Bounce comparison
​With all the rebounders I tested, I wasn't just looking for comfort or which ones didn't jar me. I also looked to see which rebounders make me change my feet position after every few bounces. Some rebounders have uneven bouncing so I have to develop a 2-step just to keep my balance. I also have to use more arms and more core muscles. When doing the Health Bounce, I don't want to have to adjust my position after every 3 bounces. The Cellerciser and Needak had the most even bounce of all. The Rebound Air was also low since I don't bounce high on it but when jumping high I was all over the place unless I adjusted myself each after every few bounces.

The Lymphaciser and the Urban gave the most bounces per minute but not something I would consider jumping high on. The Needak was very comfortable and soft but I personally need to feel more G force. The Cellerciser had just enough G force on bounce and never once threw me off center. The Cellerciser also bounced me very high. If I tried to jump that high on the Needak I bottomed out and also with the ReboundAir. The Lymphaciser didn't bottom out as I could jump as high as I could but those short single tiered springs will only stretch so far. Anyone that feels pain will naturally not want to jump high on a Lymphaciser. I personally find it annoying when my feet don't land in the same position. It's just not enjoyable to use the balance bar for that reason.

The springs that are 50 to 60 grams will have the least bounce and can be very jarring for heavy people if jumping high. The 80+ to 90+ gram springs (Rebound Air and Needak) would normally be softer than the smaller springs but not as soft as the Cellerciser (106 gram springs). Since the Needak uses more of the Belly of the springs and the Cellerciser has a shorter Belly spring and the ReboundAir is like one entire belly of a spring. The Cellerciser when jumping high feels softer than the Needak while Jumping very lightly or doing the Health Bounce the Needak rebounder feels softer (but this also comes with fewer lymph turns per minute and less G force).

The Needak and Cellerciser has the largest sweet spot. The curve where it gets firmer towards the edge of the mat is not as exponential on these 2 brands due to the high carbon steel they use and the stretchiness and tapers they use. With the rebounders that have low carbon steel I have to jump with my feet angled out towards the mat and for people that have knee problems this is not good. Also with rebounders that have really short springs it can feel too jarring on the edge and people feel they have to jump in the center where its soft but that can cause inversion and pronation of the ankles. Either way, not having the right rebounder can cause problems down the road, especially if using it every day. Jumping at an angle is not good for my knees nor is jumping in the center cocking in my ankle.

My favorite bounce on all the rebounders is the Cellerciser. It is the only rebounder that adjusts to my weight. A 100 pound person and a 200 pound person will get nearly the same bounces per minute when coming up 2 inches above the mat. That 3rd tier is responsible for that.
I will find out which rebounders give the strongest lift exerting the same energy. I will find which rebounder is most comfortable when my feet are shoulder's width apart. I will also find out which rebounder has the most even bounce that lets my feet land in the same position that I accelerated from. I will jump on each rebounder for 1 minute and give my review after studying my bounce.
Rebounder Bounce Comparison:

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Using a pedometer has helped me figure out which rebounders give enough bounces per minute for lymph drainage. 140 bounces per minute should be the goal doing the Health Bounce. If the rebounder is too soft or too stiff for someone's body weight it can be the wrong rebounder.
Of course the Lymphaciser is going to feel jarring if someone is trying to bounce higher than 2 inches above the mat. These are high carbon springs but have only enough coils to support heavy people ONLY when doing the Health Bounce. I am tired of people returning this rebounder and expecting it to feel like a multi purpose rebounder like the Needak or Cellerciser Pro.
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