Rebounder Air Time Comparison:
Longer hang time is the opposite of what I want when doing the Health Bounce. The Health Bounce takes place without the feet leaving the mat (or 2 inches if deeper flushes are needed). I try to avoid being in the air longer than .3 seconds.
The spring rebounders definitely have the lowest air time while the bungees have the longest. The bungee rebounders when in the air too high can give uneven symmetry during the landing so without the bar it is hard to land in the same place each time. 

The stepping pattern with a spring rebounder is much more constant, especially if trying to do the lymphatic Health Bounce.

The rebounders that give the least air time are the really short single tier springs like the Lymphaciser and Lympholine. The Rebound Air has the 2nd lowest least time. For very lightweight people I found these two rebounders to be fine but for heavier people they can be quite jarring but great for the Health Bounce for people that are light weight.
The Cellerciser and the Needak rebounder have heavier springs (92 and 106 Grams). The Needak had more deceleration while the Cellerciser 2nd and 3rd tier kick in to adjust to the extra weight so the rebounder has more g force on the acceleration. For the Health bounce, for these reasons I do not recommend them (unless the bungees are doubled up and extra strong but then there is not much bounce and that is the reason why many people like the bungee rebounders in the first place. They are fun. But, detox is not supposed to be fun. When doing the Health Bounce I don't even do it in the morning. Releasing lots of toxins can make many people very tired, especially if they haven't done a liver cleanse and their gall bladder can't process all that waste.

I find that the Cellerciser and Needak has just enough deep bounce and G force to allow enough time for the one way valves to flush. The Lymphaciser is good but ONLY if doing the Health Bounce. With the Needak I have to jump up slightly more to get the same G force as the Cellerciser. The Needak does have more "weightless" time but fewer bounces per minute. I find I get the best flush on the Cellerciser and when doing cardio exercise I find I sweat faster as it is not as deep and soft as a bounce as the Needak rebounder. When doing the Health Bounce one has to find out the best rebounder based on their weight between Deeper flushes with less G force and Shallower bounces with more G force. 

Repetition when slowed down decreases lymphatic flow exponentially. If getting a rebounder like the Lympholine or Lymphaciser or Rebound Air that gives the most shallow versus the Bungee rebounders that have the longest air time.
​Staying low to the mat is the key to all of this and picking out just the right rebounder can be very hard. Some rebounders can give really fast repetitive flushes from really short springs (Urban, Lymphaciser) but can be very jarring and that stops many people from rebounding.

If there is too much air time and the body is not "popping" off the mat but being "thrown" up during the acceleration it won't create the G force needed to open up the one way valves in the lymph vessels.

The Bungee rebounders can still move lymph but not 300% like a rebounder that gives .3 seconds in the air.

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Guide to choosing Lymphatic Rebounders

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