Urban Rebounder
Urban Rebounder Review:
​My KNEEESSSS!!!!!! I won't say anything further.
I honestly would rather let rabid billy goats chew up on my knees than jump on this rebounder. I am not saying that cuz its a low priced rebounder. I will say that this is better than the 49 dollar rebounders sold at the big box sporting retailers. Compared to those this rebounder is great. I do not recommend this rebounder for the Heath Bounce. This is a great jogger rebounder. Cardio only is the best way I can describe this rebounder. I will say this is easier on the knees than a bungee rebounder since so many people buy this rebounder.
There's hardly enough give in the mat to avoid shaking my kidneys up into a froth and I won't have those precious joints for long, especially my knees! My precious knees! This rebounder might look and have a similar structure of the Cellerciser or Needak in that it folds in half but don't let that make you think it has a similar bounce.

This is the only rebounder that comes with the yellow spring hook covers. YOU WILL NEED THEM. I see no need to use a bar with this rebounder since I see it is only fit for jogging. If a good jogging rebounder is what someone is seeking and never plan on jumping, then this is a great pick. They have been in business a long time and never have any problems with returns or anything with warranty claims.

This rebounder does not have a naugahyde mat and does not have polyester threading nor Polymer feet that have no off gassing. The Urban Rebounder is great for an aerobic workout. You will usually find this rebounder in gyms.

One of the actual good things about this rebounder is that it doesn't invert or pronate the ankle. There is just little bounce compared to the Needak and larger spring rebounders that it is hard to invert the ankle. Also the Urban Rebounder mat is smaller than the standard mats on the 39 inch rebounders.

The rebounders I put in this jogging category are the Lymphaciser which is the most expensive and the Rebound Air and this one. 

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single tier spring. The Urban does not have tapers like the Needak nor tiered coils like the Cellerciser. The Urban is great for jogging but for jumping, I would rather have a coat chew up my knees.

I don't even know what the material of the cover is made of on the Urban Rebounder. It definitely is not like the vinyl like on the Needak or Rebound Air or the naugahyde cover like the one one the Cellerciser rebounder.


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