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Rebound Air Rebounder
I have reviewed the steel version and the plastic quarter fold version. I personally prefer the steel version. This is a good rebounder for those that want to get a rebounder that is cheaper than the most expensive Celleciser or Needak but don't want to get a rebounder as cheap as the Urban or the sporting good store brands. The best way to put it is this rebounder fall somewhere in the middle. Many people are just going to jog and are not using a rebounder for lymph drainage or the Health Bounce so the ReboundAir is a good choice for some people.

The Rebound Air springs that I weighed were 88 grams each. The Needak was 92 grams and the Cellerciser was 106 grams.
Just for the record, I know a lot of people call me and say that they were trying to buy the Quarter Fold Rebound Air and they called another company and said plastic off gasses and doesn't hold up like steel frame rebounders. Either they aren't referring to pure USA steel or they don't know that this rebounder is made of ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). This is what Legos are made of. It is not the cheap plastic they use on Off Gassing rebounders. It is super durable and guess what, it is resistant to high heat and doesn't leach plastic smells like plastic that has BPA. If you Google ABS plastic you will see that companies trash talking this rebounder don't know what they are talking about.

Note: if getting this rebounder, make sure you get a spring cover. The spring cover can also dampen some of the noise. This rebounder keeps me very close to the mat and since it doesn't have a high coil count I do not like it for doing toning jumping. I would never jump high on this rebounder. It doesn't feel jarring at the Health Bounce level but jumping high definitely felt so.

​The ReboundAir does not have Polyester stitching and is not cross stitched. But since I wouldn't be jumping high I see no need to cross stitch the mat. Out of all the short coil spring rebounders (Lympholine, Lymphaciser, and Urban) this rebounder spring weighs 88 grams unlike the others that are around 54 grams or under and gives a much better bounce when ONLY doing the Health Bounce with heavier people. I still recommend the Lymphaciser most for lightweight people

The ReboundAIR is a registered trademark and RebondAir's Ultimate-Rebound and is also a trademark of American Institute of Reboundology.  My reviews are based on my personal reviews only and may or may not be accurate as my reviews and writing are subjective only. Another person who weighs differently can use the Reboundair and have a totally different experience. This page and website is for informational purposes and educational purposes only.
The ReboundAir spring is a barrel type spring. It has a totally different feel than the Needak or Cellerciser.  It kinda feels like a cross between a 50 dollar rebounder and the Cellerciser. It's spring is about the same size as the Needak Spring and much shorter than the Cellerciser spring. It does not have the shiny silver coating that helps rid the heat in the spring. It is not stretching like the Needak or Cellerciser.

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These are the springs on the ReboundAir Rebounder. The springs hook into the frame similar to the Celleciser and Needak but hook into the mat differently. Based on my review the Rebound Air is the squeakiest rebounder of all the rebounders I have ever tested. The steel one is just as squeaky as the plastic quarter fold model. If concerned about noise I urge people to know the difference in high carbon steel and low carbon steel. Both can squeak if not oiled but the pitch and tone of the squeak is totally different. Also, the spring is tapered and not tiered. The Cellerciser spring is a triple tiered spring. The Rebound Air is tapered unlike the Lymphaciser and Lympholine that have just one single tier.

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