Needak Rebounder - My 2nd all time favorite rebounder 
Needak Rebounder Review
The Needak is my all time 2nd favorite rebounder. The springs on the Needak I reviewed weighed 92 grams. (14 grams lighter than the 106 gram cellerciser spring. The Needak has the deepest bounce of all the rebounders I tested and it sits 10 inches above the floor.  Other rebounders are much lower that have really tiny springs. It weighs 25 pounds.

It has no problem holding up to 300 pounds that it is rated for. It is 25 pounds. The Cellerciser is 39 pounds in comparison. There is absolutely no jarring on the Needak Rebounder. They do make a hard bounce spring version and a soft bounce spring version. This is even more tweaked for the person's weight. If someone is really heavy that they would normally bottom out the Needak soft bounce version the hard bounce version is what I would recommend.

The Needak rebounder is a multi purpose rebounder unlike the Lymphaciser and Lympholine that are only for the Health Bounce. If someone tries to jump high on either one of those they can easily bottom out and lose the spring's tensile strength very quickly. Also, on any rebounder if one spring breaks or feels like it is weaker, I ALWAYS CHANGE THE ENTIRE SET OF 36 SPRINGS, NEVER JUST THAT ONE. THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE. If you can put a toothpick in between one of the coils when standing on the rebounder then it is time to change out the springs.

The springs are very quiet when oiled. I prefer graphite so I don't have to oil them often. If someone has pronation or ankle issues it is good to try out the hard and soft bounce before you buy one or the other. Many people are just shy of the maximum weight limit on soft bounce but heavy enough that they could go either way with the hard bounce version. I always recommend buying a rebounder that is rated at least 100 pounds over your weight.

The Needak rebounder now has powder coated paint. It is not like the spray painted rebounders that chip off paint all over the floor. Also, the paint is lead free. They do use rubber feet but these can be switched out with Polymer feet that don't have any smell or off gas. I strongly recommend this if someone has a chemical sensitivity or has a problem when going into a tire store. I can't even go in a tired store to pay for my tires. I have to stand at the door and I have to get them to come out to give me my receipt and pay them. Very toxic people love that "new car smell" and fresh new tire smell. Can someone say Formaldehyde!!!
My review of the Needak Rebounder
Note: Even though the hard bounce gives more bounces per minute I do not recommend it if you are not heavy enough. Some people are too lightweight to engage the spring to give a good bounce. This is why I recommend the Soft Bounce over the Hard Bounce for most people.
To see if the Needak Soft Bounce or Hard Bounce rebounder is right for you take my Rebounder Quiz.

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The Needak and the Cellerciser Pro spring are the 2 most compared springs that I get asked about.
I took a picture of the springs and put them side by side to show the difference. If you look closely at the coils, one type is tapered has a large belly spring while the Cellerciser has many more coils but doesn't stretch out all the coils on every bounce. The belly of the Cellerciser spring is used and once that is stretched out the 2nd smaller tier is used. The last tier is only used with very heavy people or when doing really high bounces. These springs adapt to the person's weight so it give the most even bounce. It is bouncy when needed but keeps me low to the mat unless I put enough weight on the spring to engage the 2nd tier. With very heavy people the other spring doesn't have the extra coils so it only uses the same coils with every weight.  For lightweight people who just use the belly of the spring it is gonna feel similar but once a heavier person jumps on it the Cellerciser has additional coils to support heavier people.
The Needak and the Cellerciser feet can be switched out. For people that have a Needak that don't want rubber feet who may have chemical sensitivities, the Polymer feet can be put on the Needak. I am trying to get these feet under 4 dollars but for now it costs 4 dollars for each foot to switch them. Many people have issues with rubber smell such as going to a tire store. I personally can't go in a tire store and do not like the new car scent of new cars.

This Needak rebounder we reviewed does not have cross stitching. It does have about 7 layers of stitching but if one row gets broken it does not have the cross stitch like the Rebound Air or the Cellerciser.
The ReboundAir Rebounder has cross stitching. This is the latest trend I have found as the older rebounders did not have this. It really helps to protect the mat from falling apart.

The Needak Rebounder spring. The Needak does not have a distinctive teir or taper at the end that has a narrower coil that gives the "pop" like a tapered spring does. The Needak has the softest bounce when doing the Health Bounce that I have reviewed. Many people want that "pop" but many people want to jump high and do toning exercises. I rate the Needak as my 2nd favorite rebounder of all the rebounders I have tested.

This is a picture of a triple tiered spring. If you look at the ends of both sides of the spring you will see a 2nd tier of 3 coils and then another tier of 3 more coils next to the spring hook. Most rebounders feel like just the belly of the spring. This is the only spring that has 2 extra tiers on the end. This is not the same thing as a tapered spring.  For lightweight people that 2nd tier gives that G force pop and for heavy people the 3rd tier gives that pop if the 2nd tier engages. These springs can be put on almost any 39 inch rebounder with the right tools. I also have my springs infused in a shoebox. Makes a huge difference.

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