Health Bounce
Health Bounce
When doing the Health Bounce I look for a rebounder that has enough G force but not too much G force that it jars me or inverts my ankles. A soft bounce is good for high jumping but if the bounce is too soft when jumping up to 2 inches above the mat it can be a problem getting G force.

Note: doing the Health Bounce on the heels. It is nearly impossible to do the Health Bounce without a bar. Without a balance bar make it so about 70% is on the heel and 30% on the toe and mid foot to keep balance from falling backwards. With a good rebounder you don't have to stand on the edges of the mat to get enough G force.

I do not recommend for beginners to do the Health Bounce in the mornings at first. Draining lymph in the beginning can make people very tired. I usually recommend night time when first starting out. Dumping so much toxic waste to the liver can make someone very tired. The gall bladder has to release bile to process the waste which takes energy to restore too. This really tires people out when using the bar and landing 100% on the heel. This is when it gives maximum lymph drainage. 

Best way to do the health bounce: there are up to 4 techniques that one must learn to combine to generate the most g force with only staying 2 inches or less above the mat. The best lymphatic rebounder will even give lots of G force even less than 2 inches (Cellerciser and Lymphaciser). One must push down on the mat using their heels. More G force is even generated when the legs and core muscles help push down the body at the bottom of the bounce. Lifting the knees up also gives more force. Even more g force is generated when the arms are flapping and flap downwards really hard during the deceleration from the bottom hit all the way to split second before the propulsion upward. (If using the bar, pushing off can give a similar flush if you don't want to flap your arms). This gives a stronger close of the one way valves while flapping the arms hard gives a stronger opening of the valves (moving more teaspoons of lymph to the liver rather than creating a bigger fill. (Imagine a turkey baster. Squeezing it harder squirts more liquid out while letting go really fast allows more fluid to go in faster.)
Note: when doing the Health Bounce I don't want to be in the air more than 3/8ths of a second. Any more than that stops the negative pressure I am trying to create.

Sludge blood is when blood cannot hold its oxygen. Most peole with low energy people have this sludge blood. Rebounding is one the best ways I've found to release this waste. But just remember, this waste is much easier removed when done with lipolysis. An infrared sauna or Biomat can burn 300 calories when sweating. This waste is released and must be removed. Many people go in infrared saunas and then go about their day and their lymph nodes get full and then release back into the fat (homeostasis) and others are just rebounding and didn't do any lipolysis. If you have questions about this contact me. I can only say so much on here.

As far as the Health Bounce, I like the Needak and Cellerciser the best. It has fewer bounces than the Lymphaciser and Lympholine but just enough to get the G force that is needed. The Lymphaciser keeps people very low to the mat but the G force is almost half that of the Cellerciser. If trying to decide between my two favorite rebounders, the Needak is my favorite on the top end when doing high bounces. The Cellerciser is my favorite for the lower bounces doing the Health Bounce. Both rebounders are multi purpose in that you can jump high and doing toning and cardio rebounding. But, if for lymphatic purposes I favor the Cellerciser while for more toning since the Needak has the softest bounce when jumping high, then the Needak. If the Health Bounce is the main priority then the Cellerciser.
​With the Needak I do have to jump higher to get the same G force that the Cellerciser gives at a lower height.

The Health Bounce is all about getting high repetition and balancing it with enough G force to drain the lymph. If any rebounder requires being in the air longer than than 3/8ths of a second to gain 3 G forces it is not for the Health Bounce.
I show how to do the proper Health Bounce. Land on my heel then push off on toes. I show the wrong way to do it also. I show how the balance bar is mandatory for bouncing 100% on the heels. I will review the G force each rebounder gives at the 2 inch level.

Health Bounce Notes:
Note: Moving too much lymph rebounding can leach more toxins than the liver and gall bladder hand handle. I urge people to look into lecithin. This is the most important thing I have found. I only use sunflower lecithin to. I don't find it necessary if one's liver is in good health.

Note: A more constant force is more important than higher G force. But, that force must be strong enough to open up the one way lymph valves. A rebounder that ONLY keeps a person in the air less or NO LONGER than 3/8ths of a second is what is required to do the proper Health Bounce.

Note: almost all sick poeple have a health challenge due to poisoned blood (sludge blood). If rebounding too long or at too high of an intensity a healing crisis can occur and toxic blood that was not purified by the liver can be dumped back into the body.

Note: 20 minutes will usually move 80 teaspoons of lymph on a heavy G force rebounder. To move this many lymph turns the bar is mandatory to land 100% on the heels.

Note: I urge people not to jump for 30 minutes doing the Health Bounce at first. The waste should when dumped into the liver at intervals. Once the gall bladder fills u with a full tank of bile again, it is better to do split sessions.

Note: losing fat is not about burning calories. When the toxins leave the fat, the fat cells aren't holding on to wastes and therefore shrink. Rebounding helps change the body composition without "burning calories" when doing the Health Bounce. 

Note: many people have swelling and a really sluggish lymphatic system. If you think your lymph nodes are already clogged up let me know. Remember, release then remove. NOT remove then release. Rebounding if not released yet can give problems. A poor lymphatic system cannot process the waste like a healthy person can and taking steps for lipolysis should be mandatory. I have a hard time selling a rebounder to someone if they have lymphadema or major lymphatic issues and not willing to at least learn the theory behind what issues can happen if done wrong. What usually happens is even more inflammation. Also, these are fat soluble toxins and drinking lots of water cannot flush them.

​Note: Although organic sunflower lecithin is the most important thing I have found to help with the Health Bounce, I am assuming people are taking an aggressive probiotic (ones with a high L. Plantarum count). Different rebounders will move different amounts of Lymph. The Cellerciser has the highest G force at the 2 inch level without jarring and although the Lymphaciser gives more bounces per minute, it has way less G force. The Needak has fewer bounces per minute than the Cellerciser but has less G force. The bungee rebounder does a poor job at keeping the negative pressure up so the one way valves can pump 4 teaspoons of lymph to the liver. Being airborne stops this flow. The only way I found to get more G force with a bungee rebounder is buying the stronger cords and putting 2 cords on each hook. You do have to change out cords with latex cords more often unless you get synthetic cords but synthetic cords really smell like rubber. I do not like off gassing or any type of emissions from anything I buy.

For really lightweight people, the Lymphaciser is my favorite and for heavier people the Needak is my 2nd favorite and the Cellerciser my first. The Cellerciser is the most expensive but you don't get off gassing or nylon or rubber at all.
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