Bellicon Rebounder - Mat Quality
Permatron - Good stitching
Bellicon Rebounder - Feet
High Quality rubber. see off gassing
Bellicon Rebounder - Stitch Quality
Very Good
Bellicon Rebounder - Frame Quality
High carbon steel/High Gauge
B​ellicon Bungee Rebounder Review
My review of the Bellicon Rebounder
Bellicon Stitching
The stitching is super high quality and has a super tight stitch.  I rarely hear about a Bellicon mat fraying and wearing out. If sensitive to nylon threading I look for polyester threading. (for those with chemical sensitivities)

G force of Bellicon Bounce
This depends on the strength of the Bellicon bungee cord. I personally like to get the most G force with the least amount of air time so I put 2 bungee cords on each hook. I haven't had to replace a cord since I bought mine due to having twice as many cords and easing the wear and tear off each cord. I would recomend for those that want a strong tensile strength to double up on the low tensile cords so they last longer. It can get expensive to replace springs and cords.

Feet: The Bellicon feet are rubber and they last a long time. I personally like Polymer feet as it doesn't mark up my floor. I have a chemical sensitivity and don't like the smell of rubber.

Even Bouncing: the smallest 39 inch has the most even and the 49 has the best bounce and the sweet spot is the biggest. But, when I jump all over the mat the sides have way more tension than the center of the rebounder. But, over all, if my feet are evenly spaced its pretty even.

Wobble: I use the screw in type. The rebounder has enough give that I don't need a wobble leg. The Cellerciser has a 360 degree wobble leg. If you bounce to the right the leg moves with you. I must have a high wobble with a spring but for the bungee it is not needed.

Health Bounce: It is possible to get more G force and get a lower amplitude when doubling up on the cords. Otherwise it has deep decelerations and high air time which many people love. I take my 49 inch Bellicon to the park and can jump for hours. I have made so many friends at the park with this rebounder. I met my last partner. Forget dogs. I also bring my Bellicon to the dog park and dogs love to jump on it and bounce with me.

Inversion: Any time their is deep deceleration the ankles will turn it. The Bellicon has the lowest ballistic impact but cocking in the ankles when bouncing too deep can be just as painful as a jarring rebounder. Just make sure you get the right tensile strength or the yield strength will be too weak and it will decelerate too much. Also, for people with bad knees, deeply inverting the ankles can deliver pain to the knee. It's hard to imagine such a soft rebounder can do. So, please get the right tensile strength.

Cardio: Best rebounder for cardio hands down. Long air time and deceleration time allows for longer movements.

Toning: When doing curls or movements that your trainer shows you to help tone up the body, it is much more effective than a spring rebounder that gives only .3 seconds of air time to do a bicep curl or leg kick. Bungees win for toning over springs.

Lymphatic: You can move the lymph system by flexing the muscles and exerting yourself but if high repetition bouncing to get 10,000 bounces a day is what the goal is, it can be done but just don't think a 30 minute workout getting half the number of bounces is going to pump the one way valves as much as getting 120 to 140 bounces per minute around 3 G force. Most people coming to my site want to do the lymphatic bounce and others want to do toning and cardio. The Cellerciser and Needak are my favorites for all around rebounding (Health Bounce, toning and cardio. But, the bungee is the best for cardio and putting on some hand weights). For lymphatic drainage, just make sure you understand what the Health Bounce really is and how it actually moves lymph. 

Notes: To do the Health Bounce the feet should never come up over 2 inches above the mat. This can disrupt the negative pressure when air born too long for lymph flow. The gall bladder sends out bile to process the waste from the lymphatic system. I urge people to learn why a constant negative pressure is more appropriate during the opening and closing of the lymphatic valves.

Notes: if doubling up on cords and trying to stay low to the mat, I lean on my heels and urge people to get the balance bar in order to not fall backwards.

Notes: The Bellicon cords do NOT off gas. They are made of Latex. Only rubber bungee cords (competitors cords) have a tire factory smell. They are clean smelling.

Notes: If the bungee cords are too soft it will be much harder to gain "free bounces". If too firm it can give too many free bouncs and make the workout too easy. Most people I talk to that get a bungee rebounder like to work their leg muscles and not have too easy of a challenge.

Notes: the strongest bands they offer are the ultra strength. This can give a low amplitude bounce with more G force but the yield strength can be too low. I urge people to get just the right tensile strength for all purpose bouncing or lymphatic bouncing if that is the goal.

See my Rebounder Hang Time page: See if longer or shorter air times is better for you.

Take the Rebounder Quiz and get a rebounder based on your answers
People ask if bungee cords are totally silent. I cannot say they are squeaky but this is the noise that the bungee cords make after they are used for a while. When they are new they are whisper quiet.

Jumpsport Rebounder frame - This frame has some type of coating on the frame. Bellicon in the picture above has pure solid steel with no coating
The only rebounder that is silent like the bungee. See me jump on the new Cellerciser rebounder and it doesn't make one squeak. This is the newest model that has is whisper quiet.

Guide to choosing Lymphatic Rebounders

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